The best Canadian political ad of the season mashes up Bob Dylan and Chanie Gorkin


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As much as I hate BB’s use of GIFs, I have to say that was an awesome campaign commercial. His road signs are good, too.


The Canadians are out doing us again…


I dunno. He’s eerily bald. Has a creepy look on his face. And he is clearly an environmental nightmare just littering paper/cardboard signs everywhere. Sheesh…those can be recycled dude!!!


He did recycle. In fact he re-used. He used his magic bald powers to levitate the signs back into his hands and cleaned up his mess like a good citizen!


So he is a mutant freak with super powers…STONE HIM!!!


With Alberta just going NDP provincially, I’d love to see Harper get defeated in his own riding by this guy. As creepily bald and magical as he is.


I know this guy personally. He’s great and I’d love to see him go to Ottawa, but it’s going to be one hell of an upset for him to do it.


Looks more like an eccentric genius billionaire industrial tycoon…


This technique (pessimistic message with an optimistic backwards version) has been used in a political ad before and it won a Silver Lion in Cannes 2006.

“La verdad”, original Spanish version:
“Truth”, translated English version:


I dunno. I think this is a better candidate for “best Canadian political ad of the season”:


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