The best Dismaland video, for posterity

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Good video, but I’d still say this video is the best documentation of the Dismaland art project:

…beacause it captures that je ne sais quoi that Banksy is always going for - the cognitive dissonance when you no longer know who the joke is on.


For a weird, alternate-reality Disneyland, nothing beats Nara Dreamland, which was built way back in 1961 and operated until 2006. A near carbon-copy of the park layout. It is now abandoned and decrepit, so Banksy could have really saved some time and effort if he had just staged his show there.

Most of the staff were doing a good job of looking miserable (and some of them were just grumpy arseholes naturally I think), but the crew running the pizza tent were failing badly. Singing, dancing, laughing. Should have been sacked. (good pizza though).


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