Haunting photographs of Nara Dreamland, a rotting Japanese theme park


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Good place for a party.


Not the dream I was looking for.

(Perhaps it’s American DreamLand?)


Whatever you do, don’t eat the food of the spirits!


I hereby bring you Japan’s Nara Dreamland, photographed shortly before its 2016 demolition by Parisian photographer Romain Veillon.

If Veillon demolished it, who photographed it?


There are also a number of photo trip reports on Theme Park geek sites of this place when it was open, when the main point of interest was how it was quite blatantly laid out like a fake Disneyland. The flats and big coasters you see were more of a later addition when the original concept wasn’t as much of a money maker (especially after Japan got an official proper Disneyland of its own. The imitation Disney castle at the center is still visible in some of these shots, though.


i want one of those gondola as a reading nook for my livingroom.


Was it abandoned, or did the deer take it over?


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