The best of CES 2016, in 10 photos

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“3D printed bicycle by Cerevo”

That had some wow factor for me, the rest, not so much.

The Verge has a 360 degree video of the Allie camera - the quality is terrible. I would be mighty pissed if I’d spent $599 on that.


There’s a much better one out there.

I’m almost considering dropping the $90 on the smell-o-alarm. If one of their non-food smells can create a pavlovian-type wakeup response (smell the rain, get up before the obnoxiously noisy alarm kicks in), it might be worth it.

They must surely offer the smell of smoke with a crackling fire sound through the device’s speaker?


That would definitely work, at least the first time!

Alas, the choices at launch besides the “seashore” or the “jungle” (which sounds more like the smell of cut grass) are limited to espresso, chocolate, mint, and croissants. All those would do would be to get me hangry.

I’m not certain I’d say it’s “out there” quite yet:

Shipping currently estimated for February/March.

It’s also in a remarkably higher price class than the Allie Go, given the MSRP of $3000. Closer to the Allie in price is probably the Ricoh Theta S. Though the shape of that one isn’t quite as GoPro-ish as the other two.

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Sweet, and it looks like a prop from a sci-fi movie that I’d want to watch :slight_smile:

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I’d go for a light clock. I have a HID lamp that takes its sweet time to go to full brightness, it’s great for slow gentle wakeup.


The Philips one is what I’m using now, but the alarm noises are too soothing to encourage me to get up NOW, so it’s used in conjunction with Lifetime alarm on my phone, which makes me do a couple (basic) math problems or pattern matching before I can silence it.

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I think bacon might work.

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Actually, you might be right!

The smell of bacon makes me sick to my stomach. I would do anything to get away from the smell as quickly as possible, so it would be a great incentive to get the hell out of the bedroom instead of burrowing back under the blanket.

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Aromatherapy alarm clock? Health monitoring for your pet?

CES feels a bit … sparse this year (I guess it does every year depending on how tired of first world navel gazing you happen to be… me I’m just gadgets…meh…)

Have people finally stopped using the garbage marketing phrase “the internet of things”? To me that would represent true achievement in consumer tech.


“3D printer for consumers”… I though the users of 3D printers were makers.

Otherwise, it looks like Tron is coming back into vogue.

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Um. OK… uh, coffee?

Awwwww yeah!


Yeah but does it have an app though?

Of course! that’s what the banana cables are for.


I liked they way that I could drag the image around as it was playing. I could see this having an application in self monitoring law enforcement officers. Things wouldn’t happen just out of shot any more.

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