The best of SIGGRAPH 2018

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I wish that there was a new term to replace “Ray Trace”. It seems so outdated.

Nostalgic even.

Items from the ACM SIGART Bulletin: Issue 44, February 1974

Has anybody seen this movie?

or this church?

Was intended as pilot for a series, but Universal and NBC started dicking around with the concept too much, so Roddenberry quit and the series was canned.
Overall rating: okay.

Edit: it has Mike Farrell in it, which is a large part of the okayness, I think.


Expected an overview of the cool new papers released around SIGGRAPH like every year. None in the video :frowning:
When did it turn from knowledge sharing to a typical commercial convention? Or has it always been?


It’s always been both. I was at SIGGRAPH and saw exactly none of the things he reported on. The technical program, which he ignored, was outstanding. (He probably couldn’t justify the separate admission to the tech program, which is pricy.)


No - I remember when I used to be excited by Siggraph. Very much a trade show these days - as this not very exciting video shows :frowning:

Maybe someone else has done a video on the good papers…

I mean, that’s what it’s doing, isn’t it? Tracing rays, even now?


Was also disappointed with this rundown but you can see a preview of the technical papers from this conference here: This year’s does seem to be as inspiring a collection of wonderful things as ever!

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That sounds awesome…

The robot is so 70’s British children’s TV - there are photos here:

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“G’Dammit, there’s a soul in there somewhere!”

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From that same site:

“Electronic Cat Detects Subversives for Beatniks. Duhab accompanies poet-author Lawrence Lipton to weed out undesirables.”



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Thanks - that was far more interesring than the video in the original post

Turner Whitted. An Improved Illumination Model for Shaded Display. Communications of the ACM 23 (1980) 343-359

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“like this bunny”
“like this bunny”
“like this bunny”

When did the bunny replace the teapot?

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