The best political commentary of the Australian election cycle: "Honest Government Adverts"

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“mendacious shitlords” <- insult of the week.


Hey Cory,

Did you mean to file this under Australien rather than Australian?

It kinda works both ways.

“Australien” is the spelling the series of videos uses.


It’s also the title of a ridiculous scifi film which we discovered when deep diving into our library’s streaming services one night:


The part in the middle is the best, where they juxtapose what the money could have been spent on versus what it was spent on.

“Where we cut money for schools and hospitals, but found half a billion for a war memorial nobody asked for.”

Just line up all those juxtapositions in a short ad without any humor and it’ll really drive the point home.


I also intend to find every excuse to use the glorious word ‘plebeshite’ which only goes to prove that Australian English is God’s gift to language.

In related news, US Marines in Australia are having some trouble understanding 'Strine:

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They need to be cloned and seeded into every country in the world. I wish we had a dozen of them in the US. Fucking well done.

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The depressing thing is that this election will probably still be close. Since we have compulsary voting, that means we can expect roughly 12 million people to think this is all fine.

Yep, that takes some doing. How’d they manage that?

Also, knighthoods? Wasn’t there still a reasonably prominent movement to abolish the monarchy? (Of course, they’ve clearly got bigger things to worry about, but then that’s precisely why you’d think that would be a major point of debate in the media.)

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