This devastating video encapsulates the Trump/GOP horror show in 3 minutes

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I’m terrorlaughing.


Truth in advertising finally shows up. Sweet sincere and meaningful, I love it. They need a little tag at the end that says sponsored by Preparation H


im confused. you promised an advertisement, but instead we got a documentary. :thinking:


Is the dub work intentionally this bad?


it seems like its intentional. for a second i thought it was one of those robot voices like siri. maybe cuz it was done by an australian group and they hired someone online from america to do voiceover?


Harsh, but oh too true.


I noticed that the dubbing was…not great, but then I read that this was made by an Australian company/group, so I guess they got an American to do the voiceover. But yeah, the dubbing was really distracting, to be kind about it.


The dubbing is consistent with all their other videos, deliberately done in the style of badly-made but not self-aware political ads.

They’ve become a staple of political satire here in Australia, and I’ve actually learned a thing or two while watching them!


I believe they overdub for pacing, ease of editing & altering, and so they can release non-sweary versions for viewing in schools. More info here from 7:51


Authorized by the Department for Sacrificing School Teachers to the Great Bull God to Make Line Go Up

My gut tells me that last bit was born purely out of an explosion of white-hot anger and seething frustration.


I believe Lucy Cahill, the actor in the video, is also the voice talent for all of Juice Media’s videos. She’s Aussie but has a knack for accents.



Maybe. It’s not just the performance that bugs me; it’s also recorded quite poorly.

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Yep, this about sums it up.

Reeeeeeeeeeeally wanna send this to my landlord’s wife, and watch her head explode.

God I hate living next to and paying rent to hyper republicans with 3 (yes, 3!) separate flagpoles and a huge American flag over their porch.

Why is it the people who wave the flag the most are always the most ignorant of what it represents?


This is also genius and relevant for an international audience “We’ve opted for a policy of Total Fucking Panic Dead People and Bullshit”


It’s intentional. All their Australian focused videos have the same style but this time with an American accent. It’s all done by a PhD economist and his wife working out of their front room. Check out the rest of their videos. You may not know all the local characters but you’ll recognise exactly what they are doing.


The Americans deposing Gough Whitlam? Now there’s a conspiracy theory I’ve not heard for a while, 20+ years, at least. Literally nobody credible has ever really believed it.

The long and short of it is that a chappy who got caught for spying during the cold war, Christopher John Boyce. He claimed to be getting misrouted communications from the CIA, but there was never any evidence that he received any cables, let alone CIA cables. Nor did they turn up when he sold huge caches of documents he obtained via his position at the NRO to the Soviet union, they only seemed to appear after he got caught, and started singing like a canary.
Due to the information he actually had access to - pretty low level stuff, he had clearance, but wasn’t that important - pretty much nothing of use went to the soviets, and none of the wild plots he tried to claim after his capture ever showed any evidence whatsoever. The guy was full of shit.

In fact, y’all should remember this, because it’s what people are referring to every time the republicans shut the US government down and try to run it out of money, and people start going “Australia had the right idea, when they had a government shutdown, they fired the entire government.” Yeah, that shutdown is the one they’re referring to, the one that gets trotted out every time the US government shits the bed and takes an unplanned holiday.

Great visuals, but I just cannot watch the horrible dubbing. The aural presence doesn’t match, and lip sync is way off.

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True but you know they could have perfected it - perhaps we should not assume the fault was accidental but actually emphasises the message. “Grating” by design fulfills a purpose too.