The best track on Random Access Memories, reconsidered


Is this another one of those “Beschizza Special Reports” that punks mutantdom?

I don’t always associate “best track” with “song of the summer”. For example, I would argue that “Call Me Maybe” was the song of last summer. I understand his arguments regarding “Doin it Right”, but I don’t see this song being all over pop radio, which, for me, makes it unlikely to be deemed the song of the summer…

That being said, I could see this track being remixed to be more pop-friendly (if Daft Punk is interested in that kind of thing) and potentially being one of the big hits of the summer.

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I liked Kanye’s album so much better, mainly for how it sidestepped the diachronic heteroglossia of the historical present with a deft (daft?) shout-out to the re-negotiation of cultural hegemony during our postracial twenty-first centuries via Ye’s polymorphic misogynistic ventriloquy, like a mixtape clawed apart by a four-in-the-morning fiending hipster that’s always already condemned to circle the outer limits of pop obscurity because Jay-Z. Plus all those references to his dick.


Thank you. I feel sufficiently inoculated against further skullduggery.

Wow, I don’t think I realized that Shamen continued the proud tradition of Sigue Sigue Sputnik…use the same back beat for every song.

Yes. Yes, they are.

for that reason, it survives transplantation outside of its host environment with the greatest ease.

Lines like this make people hate music critici-- err, journal— err, utter nonsense.


meanwhile capsule continues to do daft punk 500x better than DP do themselves!

Rob said “one of the songs of my summer”, which may not necessarily be your summer. Also, The Shamen. Hello.

Oh, I love the Shamen, though Boss Drum is my personal favorite…

And, in the article, it does say “the” summer, not “my” summer, but…

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