Bhangra remix of Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky'


I like it!

I like DJ Carlito too, nice to see note of his work here. I often download editions of his fabulous show, “If Music Could Talk.” They’re posted at

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hey thanks @milliefink! here’s the direct link to those podcasts! :blush:

pretty dope, but you gotta keep those needles out of the red, bro.
< distortion>((((ヽ(`0´)ノ))))バーリアッ < distortion>
EDIT: I am dumb. Had my gain/eq set for when i was in the shower. derp.

but yeah, that’s a pretty nice jam! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for correcting my link, and for your show. Hey is that really you, holding records, on your website’s front page?

Hi @milliefink yep, that’s me about five months ago

Heh, nice to put a face to the voice. Handsome devil!

@noahdjango no, actually, you’re right, the levels are a little too hot… next time I’ll have to pay closer attention to that

aw shucks :wink:

We’re up all night to get curry!


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