The best EDM drop


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Spandeau Ballet is easily as good as Rick Astley in my books. It’s about time they get their comeuppance.


I’ve seen that done before in a rave back in the day. The break was into “what is love”, and was actually pretty awesome. Everyone in the venue sang back “baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more”, and the EDM song returned on the beat.

I gotta say, that was pure magic, if I’ve ever seen it. 800 Xed-out dancers gearing up for the drop, but instantly recognizing the song, joining in on the beat with the correct response, then being returned to their regularly scheduled programming. I sang along too! What else can ya do?



what do i need to do to spend time in your company, oh maker of mischief?




my big problem with the posted vid wasn’t the switcheroo, which was cool, but that it wasn’t on beat.

fuckin ipod jocks, I swear.


I used to have a C-DJ, in 2005. Bought it from the pawn shop, but the original owner tracked me down and wanted it back. I was 15, he offered me $400, I paid like $150, apparently the thing new was like $1000, so I said “gee mister, that’d be swell” and sold it back to him.


Hey, check out the square with his timeline orthodoxy.




I’d happily (and unironically) spin this on any dance floor that would take me as a DJ.

(best autoplaying GIF so far below the video, kudos)


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