LA considers EDM festival ban


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In other news, it’s 1994, and I’m checking for lineup information on the Hyperreal gopher server.

Same as it ever was.


“sounds wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats”


They wouldn’t say that about my beats!


Two teen deaths from these parties and the parties get banned. How many teens were killed by cops or illegal firearms in that same span of time? Are we going to ban cops and gun proliferation?


…or legal drugs? Or auto traffic?


“Flutter has been programmed in such a way that no bars contain identical beats and can therefore be played under the proposed new law. However, we advise DJs to have a lawyer and a musicologist present at all times to confirm the non repetitive nature of the music in the event of police harassment.”


Damn, already beaten to the “what is this, 1994?” gag.


heheh the good ol’ days. Actually, some of the goofiest shit I’ve put on the internet is still there in the ne-raves mailing list archive. shudders


Harm reduction, allowing DanceSafe to test product, giving actual medical care to teens before they die: Out of the fucking question.


This will do nothing to solve the larger problem of so-called Rock And Roll. When will they ban that devil music?


Maybe legalise drugs and ensure their purity and safety within acceptable boundaries?



Yeah. Ban [insert thing] it. That’ll do a whole fucking lot of good.


I for one wholly support this legislation. I mean, before the Criminal Justice Act in the UK raves were so difficult to get to and information about them was kept as obscure as possible. Twenty years later, I guarantee that a quick Google search will find you more options for dance parties in London alone than you could possibly ever need, and the drugs are just as (if not more) prevalent as ever.

Seems to me that the best thing that can happen to EDM as a scene is for the government to legislate against it.


You normally get a couple of deaths at large festivals, which isn’t surprising considering the number of people attending, usually heart attacks etc. You’ve got a lot of fucked people passed out and not to many medical staff/stewards about who can tell if the guy lying in his tent has a medical problem or has just over done it. They are most likely going to be drunk or high so how do you separate out people who happen to die whilst at a festival to those that died because of what they have taken at a festival?


You don’t. You just lump them all together and label them as whatever boosts your ideology.

In 'Nam, if it was dead it was Viet Cong.


Glastonbury festival, in the UK, has a death rate of maybe one person every three or four years.
On the other hand usually at least one kid is born there every year, so really you have a better chance of being born at Glasto, than you do of dying there.

And to agree with everyone else, fuck the Criminal Justice Bill!


Then they’ll go after the “underground” events with all that extra law enforcement anti-terrism money. Let the shitty kids in their “indian headdresses” have their bad acts, it distracts away from the actual “scene”.



But what if I don’t have an ideology? And even if I do, how do I really know that it is more worth boosting than any other?