The best unicorn wine bottle holder


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Came here expecting bottles of rainbow bum wine.




I’m sure no porn will come of this image.


Please do not taunt Happy Fun Internet.


Can also double as a bedside sex toy holder.


Looking at the what other customers purchase I was shocked to find out this is a huge thing. There’s a ark of wine holders, I had no idea. Think the monkey is my favorite.



My best friend and I had a tradition of giving each other the most useless gifts we can find. She sent me this one year. She won.


I’d like to think that if reincarnation is a thing, Weinstein will come back as one of these. Forever doomed to be a motionless trophy, lying on his back, forced to hold something cold and unbending in his mouth for all eternity, while everyone laughs at his ridiculousness. That seems fair, no?


A surfeit of wine bottle holders


The dolphin one is batshit and I want it.


“The best unicorn wine bottle holder”

There’s more than one?


I like the alligator!


“Beware of knockoff imitation pieces sold by unlicensed sellers.”

It’s $19.95, who would knock that off?


Oh, wow. Big market I guess.


The dragon seems the least inappropriate of the lot.


There’s always one, isn’t there…? :smirk:


All of those Asian companies on Amazon have disclaimers like that. “Only buy this $12 prom dress from US, not some scummy other guy! We’re the REAL DEAL!” Yeah okay, it’s $12. I’m not gonna comparison shop.


Handy sex toy storage as well.


Or it could be a sex toy.


Too much creepy wine bottle holder information!