The Blair Witch Project x Scooby-Doo (1999)

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As someone who remembers this from the time, the linked article isn’t quite accurate. They teased The Scooby Doo Project ahead of the marathon with some clips from it. In fact, there were bits of it that aren’t in the linked video, such as the police press conference about finding the tapes. There was also the clip where Daphne ran away because Scrappy-Doo had shown up.


I read a cruel review of Blair Witch II compared to Scooby Doo - it’s a much closer match. There’s even a Mystery Machine, and a Shaggy, and a “meddling kids” moment.

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That was almost unwatchable. The characters’ voices were just so grating. I used to love Scooby-Doo, but that was the original 1970s version. Were the voices always like this? Am I just too old now?

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