The Bobber, a lightweight, affordable underwater GoPro grip for video while diving


On a divetrip last week in Iceland I met two guys from somewhere around Catalina who were using this grip and seemed pretty happy with it…

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Yay! Thanks! I hope I like it!

Camera placement is everything. For 2$ I bought a yard stick and some the cheapest plastic string I could find. I cut grooves into the sides of the yard stick at an end and lashed the gopro’s case to the stick.

This way I can place the camera a yard away from where I am, great for getting in and around rocks to see whats up.

Also, since the yardstick was made of wood, it was positively bouyant enough to float the entire rig if it were to be accidentally dropped.

TL;DR: 1$ yardstick+1$ ball of twine, a little DIY and you have a better snorkling/diving rig.

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Last year I went snorkelling off the coast of Western Australia.
I used a Gorillapod with my GoPro; worked really well as a pistol grip when I was chasing whale sharks and cruising the reefs but it really came into its own when I was able to rest it on the tripod and swim off a little way. The fish that hid when I was close all came out to investigate this new thing in their territory and I got some fantastic closeups.

Having said that, make sure that you tie a wrist lanyard to the camera itself as the ball joints in the Gorillapod can sometimes pop out.

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Wow! This is a great tip. Being able to set the camera down and move around it and into my own frame would be fun.

Maybe I’ll order one before the trip!

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