The book thieves of 1990s London




This sounds like a really depressing Jasper Fforde novel.


Apparently this is the plot to Fast & Furious 7, with Jason Statham playing Roy “The Nutter” Faith.




I dunno what fraction “a fraction” is, but a fraction of 50,000 pounds is not a lot of money. What a miserable way to use your creativity.


There was a study of the average professional bank robber’s takings and, allowing for robberies that failed to net any cash and time spent in gaol, they would have been better off begging. I guess the smart criminals run banks rather than rob them, and the really unambitious ones end up robbing bookshops for peanuts.


The original Freakonomics included a similar study, of drug dealers, and concluded the vast majority work below minimum wage. The only ones making any money are at the top - but eveybody thinks they’re going to get there, some day.


I’m planning on just making one last big score and then retiring from the game…


They give two reasons for the fall in book theft- online sales and CCTV. I wonder what the contribution of each was. Was this an example of killing the patient to eradicate the disease?

Ether way, it looks as if the crime has been foyled.


Isn’t it called “The American Dream”?


I used to know someone who was doing this around that time. She probably knew some of those guys.


That’s why the great unwashed masses vote Repuglican. They want the tax rates to be low when they finally join the top 1%.

I once shocked a group of co-workers by saying I wished I paid $10M in taxes per year. After one stuttered, “Bu-bu-but why?”, I responded, “Because it means I would be taking home at least $40M per year and I think I could learn to live on that.”


My favourite (fake) Steinbeck quote:

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”


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