Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant


Woo J. Johah Jameson cameo!


I heard somewhere that Subway Art is the most shoplifted book of all time. Even if that’s only conjecture, realistically what other book would even be a contender? Yes, I’m aware of Hoffman’s Steal This Book, but not many people ever were Yippies, and none still are. Compare to how many people do graf and it’s amazing the thing is still in print.

You’ll notice that the newer edition is like quadruple the size of the original edition. Which is ostensibly to showcase the photos, but it also makes it a helluva lot harder to shove down your pants.

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I’ve heard that it’s On the Road. That’s got a little more popularity to it than Subway Art, with a longer lifespan of potential thefts.

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huh, yeah, I could see that.

ok, I’ve got to google it now
most of the results say the Bible, but that sounds like the kind of thing that gets repeated for being ironic rather than true. Publisher’s Weekly says On the Road is one of them. They and Wikipedia agree that anything by Bukowski is number one, which I’m sure makes Buk smile up in heaven.

Subway Art doesn’t seem to rank, so looks like I got suckered by an urban myth. For those writers that wanted a copy, I’m pretty sure the majority of them got boosted, though. I know how I got mine. As the wiki says:

Constant wrote, "[F]iction that young white men read, and self-satisfied young white men, the kind who love to stick it to the man, are the majority of book shoplifters."2

I dunno that I was ever self-satisfied, but I suppose at the time I otherwise fit the profile ┐(´∀`)┌

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