Subway Art



man, Nise and Yuk, them cats are everywhere.

For the record I’d love a picture book of three-card Monty players.


I used to have this book but it along with many other cool things got lost in many moves.

there’s a new oversized format hardcover edition that showcases all the photos better but all the journalism bits that explain the meanings and motivations was left out, so that was wack to me, but it is nice to have the pics bigger.

when Barnes and Noble went out of business, I copped like 4 of these new ones for $5 per, but otherwise they were pretty pricey. still got my OG copy, which was free to people wearing baggy jeans to the bookstore that day.

also, Henry is great, but Martha is the bomb. nuff respect.


guess so. whichever it was.

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