Man reads books with fake covers on subway


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Did Trump actually write that one or was it another one of those ghostwriters?


In the category/post view, the bulleted list gets all squished together… which leads to the final line being:
“Human Taxidermy: A Beginner’s Guide Getting Away with Murder for Dummies”

Which actually makes an even better book title, in my opinion. Pretty drastic way to make dummies, though.



Comedy brilliance. Which reminds me. Last year i saw an older woman sitting at a really busy bus stop and she was reading a book. You could clearly see the cover as she held it up to read, and it was a black/urban steamy romance book. I wish i still remembered what the series was but the name was outrageous. Possibly the best random moment i’ve ever had using public transportation.


I was kind of wishing they were more subtle, but on the subway I guess you have you have about two seconds to squeeze in a punch line.


If I saw something like that, I would be at least partly inclined to believe that it was part of yet another increasingly-subtle Bible Study recruitment pitch, ready for springing on the next unsuspecting commuter.


I love your posts, and I would like you to meet my friends who also like posts like yours.


Brilliant and satisfying! bravo!


I should sue, when you buy one of my books you should have the decency to use the tasteful covers they originally come in not one of these cheap, badly designed pieces of shit.


Yet another great Human out there in the World doing good!


I love Cynthia Heimel, however I always end up laughing out loud when reading her stuff, that would probably look even odder while reading this book (or the sequel) on the subway or bus.


fix’d : )


Amazing - but these drones don’t care. They don’t even know what a book is. #slaves



There’s definitely a genre of performance/video art in which a person does something weird on the NYC Subway and films reactions. This is at the non-serious end of it, but there is also such a piece on now in the Whitechapel Gallery in London.

For some reason, it does seem to be specific to NYC. You see a few few videos on BART, but San Franciscans don’t seem to react, I guess? I’ve never seen anything like this from the London Underground.


Film director John Waters used to read the book entitled Lesbian Nuns when traveling by plane so no one would bother him, That might work in Baltimore, but not San Francisco.


My hardcover copy of “The Brand New Monty Python Bok” (OK, not so new) has a dust jacket that can be removed to reveal the “Tits and Bums” cover underneath…


That’s funny. Books on paper. Hilarious.


We have No Pants Day Subway Ride in SF but most people are pretty well inured to Organized Whimsy by this point. Even the Santas are 86ed from a lot of bars, although that was more due to bad behavior by drunken newcomers who don’t know how to be in public and don’t realize that a cheap fake beard does not impute anonymity.

You have to get creative with your public performance art. A train car full of people all speaking in unison or “spontaneously” performing an elaborate minuet isn’t going to cut it any more.