THE BUREAU: Part Ten, "Your Death" — with a Turing Machine, Bouncing Ball Envelope, and Other Randomized Voltage


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Welcome back to The Bureau. It’s the tenth installment, with two remaining installments until your day is complete. You’ve found your way to a bar, and it’s a comfortable view of the train. You may have just died.


Two important corrections here. I’ve indicated Andrew Ostler of Expert Sleepers incorrectly as Andrew Osler. (Some pseudonym apparently)

A similar error in Bureau Part Six references Doug Slocum as Doug Slocam.

Pardon that, no slight to these awesome very accomplished makers intended.

The keyboard must have been out of T’s and U’s when those were typed out.


Had a moment to pull Peaks module out of the case. Here’s a look at the back of the module with the trimpots.

The only versions of Peaks that will work with Dead Man’s Catch need these trimpots. Note that the version number and cc designation is “cc-by-sa Olivier Gillet, 2013. v.02”, I believe “v.03” and further lack these necessary components.

Additionally, Mutable Instruments itself is open source and has its own terrific repository of code.

Have fun with this. A trimpot version of Peaks is definitely worth tracking down for DMC.


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