The Burning Man Multiverse is on like Donkey Kong

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The robot heart logo belongs in Minecraft.


i confess i’m a bit bugged that there’s “official” virtual playas this year, and the ones that were denied that status, like the Minecraft one. why not just let everyone go and experience BRC where they want?

in Physical World news, they are apparently expecting thousands to show up on the playa next week anyway, and the BLM is ok with that provided people follow all the standard rules for using the playa. we are tempted. it would be like our first year (1996) all over again.


re. Minecraft: Yeah, that’s too bad. Don’t know what the criteria for inclusion is… but Black Rock Prime looks super cool!

re. 1996: Been there, burnt that :slight_smile: :crazy_face:


our camp tried to come up with some way we could participate, but being largely a clothing/costume gifting camp, we just didn’t know how we could make it work. oh well.

true! it’s hard to describe to our friends what it was like back then. i always fall back on, “it was exactly the same, but smaller. but the spirit is still the same, mostly…”

True… though, we were different, or at least I was! I’ve grown up a lot since the mid-1990s.

It’s not out yet, but on Labor Day the documentary “Blurring Man” is premiering online and I think it’ll shed some light on why anything not “officially licensed” by the Burning Man Corporation is not allowed to exist.


oh yeah. i’m definitely different. burning man definitely has changed me, and i’m very happy for it.

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