The card game we couldn't make (and then someone else did)

Well, on the positive side, the authors are very likely wealthier than they’d have been if they’d spent the money to make and sell the game.

Making games needs non-monetary rewards, because for the vast majority, it’s either money losing or pays way less than minimum wage.

Luckily it is fun.

just so you know, the game is called slash but it doesn’t have to be slash when you play. We chose the name slash over things like 'Ship or OTP because it illustrates the breadth of possible pairings we envisioned and to let people who knew about fanfic know that their ideas of what a good pairing are are welcome here.

Plus slash is just a cooler word

I think this sort of makes my point. I have had one girlfriend who wrote the stuff, one who admitted liking to read it, & several friends who read or write it. I am thus familiar with “ship” as a transitive verb. But I have no idea what “OTP” means. You assume too much.

You know what also works amazingly well? CAH tarot readings. A simple Celtic Cross tarot spread, laid out with CAH cards: hours of party entertainment.


That is brilliant.

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