The case for guillotines and/or Nazi punching

Thanks to @gracchus for doing a great job explaining the rationale for guillotines on BB, essentially that they are a prediction not a prescription:

And I found a good debate that explains the reasoning behind the Nazi punching prescription.

essentially the reasoning is that being a Nazi is a death threat to particular people, and those particular people have standing to punch back. While I don’t agree, I see that there is internally consistent logic that explains why Nazis are uniquely punchable, mostly that most other seemingly punchable tyrants are not directly specifying which people they intend to make dead.

And so I consider the question answered and thank the community.

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Original post:
Is there an explainer on how threatening guillotines and Nazi punching by the left is compatible with basic human rights and the fight against fascism?

I mean I get the broad stroke that Nazis and plutocrats are so unreformeable and unaccountable that only the strongest level of force will work.

But what exactly makes a Nazi bloviating on a street corner or a plutocrat billowing carbon from their spaceship different from all the other threats for which extrajudicial violence is the tool of the man?

Are these serious threats that you would carry out, or a haka dance?

ETA1: The haka dance is a beautiful way to channel warrior energy with integrity. I would personally have more respect if the answer was that it was intended like a haka. I apologize for using that word since it clearly came across as an insult, which was opposite from my intention.

If there is a better way to genuinely ask this question here, please help.

Genuinely interested in understanding.

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Wow. Way to be condescending to a whole fucking culture…


Well I’d get a ban if I told you honestly what I think of you after you said this.

Listen to the end.


But it’s just a funny dance, not REAL action! Manly men do action, and boys dance… /s

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The entire premise of this topic strikes me as inflammatory JAQing so I’m just gonna close this right now pending moderator review.

Guillotines are usually presented as a warning of the inevitable result of runaway social inequities rather than a prescriptive solution for the wealth gap.

Nazi punching is always compatible with the fight against fascism, because that’s literally fighting fascists.

Progressives aren’t the ones appropriating the haka dance, bro.


If you’re genuinely interested in understanding, I think @Brainspore’s response covers things quite succinctly. Let’s just leave it at that.


There’s already a topic on this.

tl;dr: use of the image as a symbolic admonition about an unpleasant and unwanted historic outcome of inequality and greed is fine; talking about actually building the device (or some 21st century equivalent) in the modern day is just unhelpful brocialist edgelord posturing (or perhaps an attempt at bothsidesism).


Meanwhile we are building…


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This was the first article that made me question the symbolism of the guillotine, because it wasn’t calling for unconditional pacifism instead.


I started a new thread:

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