The Cast Iron Cleaning Death Match thread

This is what my spouse tells me about cleaning his cast iron. Still makes me a bit nervous to do it. He usually just scrapes, rinses, wipes, smokes, and adds some oil. I keep forgetting to mention the linseed/high smoke point oil to him. He usually does olive oil.

I am stealing that for the next time our purveyor of liquid elegance soaks someone’s arm.
Gratuitous pic of cat who emits liquid elegance and possesses a uniquely perfumed rear.


“Glad to see that you are doing your part! Save a kitten, use soap.” -Sally Struthers?


I didn’t want to give away everything all at once.


:: Flails arms :: KITTY!!!

The reason I call Bagherra a stinky butt is because he decided to pass gas… IN MY FACE. AT TWO IN THE MORNING. Lil’ stinker. :smiling_imp:

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