The catchiest song ever written about library COVID-19 policies

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This one (at least locally to the Triangle) made the rounds when Duke first put it out in August, and then suddenly it’s viral again, two months later. I’m not sure what makes that happen.

I blame Reddit.

I saw this because the composer’s identity was recently revealed. There is definitely a reddit effect. I was preparing a post on the Troxler effect recently, and I was checking if it had been covered here. In the course of looking, I found about a dozen articles all posted on the same day across disparate platforms, all dated April 8. That was the day a post about it appeared on r/woahdude or however the idiot who created it spelled whoa. I’m guessing it was Jay Pharoah.


For the curious:

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If reading Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books has taught me anything, it’s that librarians are magical. This is just further proof.


“The catchiest song ever written about library COVID-19 policies”

Wow. Now that is one obscure genre.


A friend of mine from NC sent this to me, as proof that NC is not unilaterally icky. They were right.

The YT comments are unbelievable. I have never seen so much enthusiasm and joy expressed about anything this year, or maybe ever. Totally deserved too - I literally can’t stop listening to it.


We’ve got great university libraries in general.

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