"The Chickening," a deeply weird remix of The Shining


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Chaotic and hard to follow, but I want to learn more about this cinematic graffiti because I am pretty sure I would watch an hour of this.


I started watching it with the caveat “How much of this could I stand?” and, yeah, I thought I could watch a lot more.

There were two big laughs for me, which after all is two more than the original. :wink:


My first thought was _ this must have something to do with Buckethead_. I’m relieved/saddened that it does not.




Reminds me (very much, in some way) of the “Too Many Cooks” thing that Adult Swim did a while ago…


Shouldn’t that be “Rated R for Fowl Language”?


Bravo! That tickled my dada bone.

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