The classic 'Electronic Football' re-issue


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We also had the baseball version.


The sounds from this game were used in “Rock the Casbah” by the Clash [citation needed].
I was partial to the basketball game.


Just seeing that picture brought back a fresh burning hatred of that game. LIKE 7th GRADE ISN"T BAD ENOUGH. BUT NO, I’M NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE ONE.


I do believe you are correct.


It makes a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.


i think it was the 2nd generation football game that had passing. they are probably in a box somewhere at my parents’ house, but i had the battlestar galactica game and both football games back in the day! i had a lot of fun with the iPhone versions recently.

IIRC when rock the casbah came out my cousin and i were also surprised to hear sounds from his handheld pacman game in the song.


This is the original Electronic Football. There was an Electronic Football 2 that has a green case and you could pass the ball. My first ‘hack’ as a kid was to cut the speaker wire to this game, because my parents wouldn’t let me play it in the back of the station wagon with all the beeping. Since there was no volume control, I just used toenail scissors to cut the wire.


Everything I know about American Football I learned from this game.

That probably explains why I’m so ambivalent to the actual sport.


Thanks! @joeblough too! I’m impressed I even remembered there was a passing game to miss it!

I remember baseball well, I liked that one a lot.


OMG! I had that and I hadn’t thought about that in years. I think I got for Christmas when I was about 9(?).


That noise got me in trouble more than a few times!


Yellow pass button.


Coleco’s ‘Electronic Quarterback’ was by far the best.


Yes! That’s the one I remember (and probably have in the attic).


I made a triangle bit screwdriver out of a file to open the case and would installed headphone jacks in a few of them for friends. No headphone, no noise.


I got one of these a few years ago, The display was done differently (LCD vs LED?) than the original so it didn’t quite look right. But is sufficed while I played a few games. Then I remembered that it wasn’t that great by today’s standards and tossed it in a drawer somewhere.


Never played the football ones, but I still remember how my thumb would hurt from playing this one over and over and over…


the new version has a lot of light bleed through the case and bezel, so I plan on painting the inside black


I never understood how to play this, but then again, I never understood how to play football.