The Clown Egg Register: photos of the painstakingly painted eggs that English clowns stake their faces on

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This mesmerizing volume collects more than 150 of these portraits…

What? How could there be only 150 clowns? Is that possible? Do they just keep recycling them? Do multiples come from other timelines?

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Excluding politicians.

ETA in case you’re serious, I took it to mean this collects over 150 of them, not that there are only 150 of them.

Also, not every clown in the world is registered (cough politicians cough), only the ones that want to protect their paint. You know. The serious clowns.



“Right sir, could I see your clown licence?”


a clown egg register plays a key role in a murder mystery in Making Money

I believe you mean Men At Arms.

– A devout Pratchettarian


But do they float?


I just want to know if Puddles has his own egg in the registry.


Its astounding to me how often I will run across some interesting phenomenon in the world and realize that Terry Pratchett had incorporated it into one of his books. Another good example is Koom Valley, in “Thud”, which I am certain is inspired by the Bolton Strid in England:

GNU Terry Pratchett


I honest-to-God thought Terry Pratchett made this up. I guess I should have known that all the weirdest elements of Discworld are authentic to real life.


Same here. I was almost shocked when I learned that this exists. Well, Pratchett himself said that the weirdest stuff comes from real life. For example to come up with the often funny names in his books, he just consulted the phone book of London.


Much of Foul Ole Ron’s dialogue was apparently born from a mashup of a takeaway food menu and some They Might Be Giants lyrics.

Millenium hand and shrimp etc.


I remember the Clown Egg Register appearing in an episode of “The Avengers” from the sixties. Thanks to the magic of the internet, I can find it…


Well, “swinging by” Somerset from London is an ambitious proposal unless you’ve got a taste for heavy traffic or slow trains :wink:

But, if you make it there stay away from the main cave attractions in Wookey Hole - trashy tourist trap. There are a few good things to see just to the east of Taunton… You should definitely check out Brown & Forrest - a smokery that does all their own smoked foods and has a great restaurant with a shop attached. Nearby is also the Somerset Cider Brandy Co., which distills a British version of Calvados (French apple brandy). Also near is Coates Willow, with a great museum all about willow - growing, processing and furniture making.

All of this, of course, assumes the whole county is not under water as happened a couple of years ago with heavy rains. It’s a bit like Holland - lots of areas only kept dry by massive amounts of hydraulic engineering.

Unless you can somehow get a trip into the deep caves behind it. I think we did it as a school trip. We walked halfway round the tourist bit, and then our guide climbs over the fence, and crawls through a hole that looks barely big enough to fit through, which then opened into a much bigger tunnel linking with loads more inside the hill.
I’m pretty sure that was the time my friend lost sight of the person in front of him, and we suddenly realised that we’d lost the guide, and there was about fifteen kids and one teacher lost somewhere under a hill. (The guide came back and found us within about five minutes).

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