New book documents the Clown Egg Register

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What? No juggalos?


Where’s Puddles?

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I think that it was in Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett that he used the clown egg concept. I always thought that it was something he made up'_Guild

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Do they have Trump on file?

Wait, this is real?!?!?!?!
I thought Pratchett made that up for “Men At Arms”!!!

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Aw man- Don’t make me respect those guys.

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This sort of attitude is why Trump won the midwest. “Progressives” seem to love to hate on Those Poors, even when they are being more progressive than the Neoliberals put up for them to vote for.

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Look - (Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One) But There Were These Two Fellers…

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That was great! I could easily see Tony Shalhoub’s Monk character playing the John Cleese role in this.

As bizarre as it sounds, ICP and Juggalos have legit progressive cred. Just make your peace with how weird the universe is.

Many people only know The Avengers from the episodes with Diana Rigg/Emma Peel (or, worse, think that it refers to some kind of comic book troupe), but some of the episodes both before and after Rigg were really very good.

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