The Animaniacs, and Trump supporter's onion?

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Schmoyoho made it and it’s extended remixes


Oh come on, she’s obviously ANTIFA! The onion for fake tears proves it along with that libtard scarf, mumble mumble mumble


As long as nobody calls her Wacko, because he’s my favourite.


Does this mean we now have to look forward to the Koch sisters, a new generation of rapacious self-serving fools?

Earlier notes said that there was some BS story running around brexit protests that sniffing an onion helps teargas symptoms.
A couple of notes.

  • It could be, I guess
  • why did she bring the onion, was she expecting to be gassed?
  • still a criminal
  • still an idiot



Yeah, Kevin Reome, why you link to a reposter and not the original?

Original Twitter video.

Extended youtube edition

Wakko is non-binary and unlikely to be a trumpist as a result.



In my experience, the best I can say about any of these conservatives is that they’re willfully ignorant. Of course, one can add stupid and/or deluded, possibly flat out cretinous and moronic, but whatever. The spectrum is a limited, ugly one. So expecting any one of them not to be full shit or worse is foolish.

As I said in another comment I almost want it to be an onion and a fake story. Because it would be hilarious if she was indicted for her on camera confession of having been in the capitol as part of the coup attempt when in reality she just wanted attention. Well attention is what she got.

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Cry me a river.


That’s cleverly compiled.
Though I thought was going to be the version listing only non-extradition countries, since he might need quick access that information before leaving office.


Do you, fellow Americans, believe that something will happen to President Trump as soon as he leaves the White House?

I know that Pinochet, Videla, Lula and other presidents were prosecuted years after the end of their terms.

But did it happen in US before?


I think it is very possible, as there have been a mountain of pretty obviously illegal things going on. Campaign finances in the last few months alone could be a serious legal problem, and I personally believe he was taking bribes through bogus rentals in his properties the entire time he was President.

There’s no end to the possibilities, and hopefully now that establishment sentiment has turned against him, investigations will start in full force. It won’t happen as soon as he leaves the White House, but there’s plenty enough that he might live in fear of prosecution the rest of his days.

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I didn’t catch it but please tell me they used “thigh-land” for this

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As aLynHall indicated, I think a significant number of us believe it is possible given the things Trump has done. Some government agencies have it as their policy that they will not prosecute a sitting president, suggesting that holding the president accountable is a political matter for congress to deal with through impeachment/trial.
That said, Muller declined to declare Trump proven innocent, and specifically stated that some of the things Trump has done could be prosecuted once he’s out of office.

After Nixon stepped down, his illegal activities were pardoned by Johnson in an effort to smooth things over politically and return to normalcy. However, there’s a sentiment among many in this country that this partially paved the way for not holding presidents accountable for their actions. And many of us would like to make sure that Trump can’t get away with it this time.


“onions help the eyes after you’ve been pepper sprayed or maced or whatever”.

(No, you’re thinking of urine.)