Hugo Weaving calls out the alt-ies bullshit

Excellent interview


Interesting, Red Skull and President Trump usually see eye to eye on most issues. At least that’s the impression I get from the President Supervillain Twitter Feed.


The alt rightists probably think of Hugo Weaving like this

but of course before that he was also

I don’t think he takes any shit from the red pill brigade that have appropriated The Matrix


They like The Lord of the Rings too


So, was taking the red pill a metaphor for transitioning?

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Do they? I haven’t really seen them use it as a reference so much. Seems even harder to fit into their strange worldview.

I think that Trump is more of a Purple Man president


I’ve definitely read that they do, but I can’t currently prove it and it’s possible I’ve been misled.

Almost all the Google results we get from keywords like “Lord of the Rings” “racists” are arguments about whether the books are racist or not, which is not the same question.

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You’d either have to search around on avowedly racist sites like “stormfront” (eww!), or you’d have to figure out a term that both describes their self image but is distinct from the usual vocabulary associated with Tolkien studies. So AS would be right out.

“Redpill” provides a glimpse into their thinking.

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Weaving is just one of 26 million alternately bemused and horrified Australians right now.

US elections used to be fun to watch. You learned a lot of geography that way.


26 million seems a bit high. Surely there are some bogan Trump supporters, like in every country? Someone must have voted for Tony Abbot after all, or Scott Morrison for that matter

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