The cobble_stone texture that graced so many games.

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Oooh, an “Alias” texture, how fancy! Most of the really overused textures and sprites of (early) 3D gaming came off of cheap stock art CD ROMs. There were a couple in particular that just showed up everywhere. There were probably a lot more that were also ubiquitous but weren’t so easily identifiable because of how low-res they were (and easily disguised by color shifts, etc.).

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This is super noticeable in sound effects as well. Even studios that have a sound engineer don’t tend to record their own effects. They buy them from repositories because it’s way cheaper than paying a human to create new ones.

There are only so many of these repositories and only so many foot crunch, wind blow, and door squeak noises out there. You’ll hear the same ones in game after game once you start noticing them.

I wish TV and movies were immune to this, but they aren’t. There’s a particular “rusty door swing” sound that I hear constantly in TV and movies, no matter how high or low the budget. Takes me right out of immersion every time because I know the source of it.

Of course there’s also the Wilhelm scream, but that’s more of a deliberately malicious placement by sound engineers who still think it’s funny for some ungodly reason.


For me its a particular car horn effect, and a particular baby cry.

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