The Computer History Museum just published the sourcecode for Eudora

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Wait–was the last version published in 2016 or 2006? Which version did they release?


I loved Eudora and vividly remember my disappointment at having to ditch it for outlook upon moving from university life to corporate life


I still use Eudora. I use the version shown in the article image. It works. I’m happy with it.


I’ll be more impressed when it’s the source code for Windows 10. Only then will the nightmare begin to end.

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The last version is from 2006. Cory’s fingers have been out drinking all night.

The published source code is from 2006.

I have been using Eudora since 1997. I have tried using other email programs from time to time and those that don’t suck just plain lack the beauty of Eudora.


I love Eudora, and still have an old laptop with it installed because I still go back and reference some saved emails. But having moved forward in terms of Mac OS, I was reduced to using Mail for my desktop email client because I hate using web-based clients. I wish Qualcomm had kept updating - it was such an elegant program.

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Eudora works–it’s adequate and stable, which is all I need in an e-mail client. Every time I have to interact with my wife’s university Onlook system I appreciate Eudora more.

I’ve been thinking it might be time for a new E-mail client. Or is Thunderbird still a good idea these days, despite that it may not be supported in the future? (It sure didn’t behave very well on the ancient machine that, until recently, I was using.)

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Works for me.
Mobile version on USB stick, XP, Win 7, Win 8.1, depending where I am.

Before Thunderbird I used The Bat for a while, and before that, Eudora.

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Hmm, the folks in the museum’s demo labs seem to be getting up there. Since they collect obscure devices and programs that I’ve actually used, maybe I need to start looking at every windowless passenger van like it contains an artifact team with a burlap sack…

OTOH, that might not be a bad retirement gig. :thinking:

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I was too but my work and home environments changed enough it became a hassle.
I am really happy this has been done and am holding my breath for the OSS community to jump on it.

It’s hit or miss, depends on the version and OS you’re using. Once you find a stable combination never change!

My curse has been lifted. I hired a developer who was a devout Christian. The swear words in the codebase displeased him greatly – he removed them and insisted we stop cussing so much (because you say “fuck” or “shit” and apparently the Almighty Infinite and All Knowing All Powerful Creator of the Universe stops what He’s doing long enough to mark your name in his “straight to hell” book). So yeah, he has since moved on to greener pastures (which is sad because he was also admittedly an extremely talented developer) and now I can write curse words in my comments again. So yay!


I suppose they’re a dime a dozen, but this reminds me of an ex-colleague. Your guy’s initials weren’t RW by any chance, were they?

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No, but close enough :wink:

Just don’t read it…



Oh Eudora, come back. You were about a million times better than Mac Mail program I use now.

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