The conversation of race in Dragonball

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If it’s a Dragonball conversation, it will be drawn-out, repetitive, and full of empty posturing and bragging before anything interesting actually happens.


A good book on the topic of Black and Asian solidarity…


Saiyans share copious metaphorical similarities with Black Americans

I thought it was the Namek, afterall look at Piccolo and tell me he isn’t a stand in for a black character in your mind.

Also he’s a bad ass and my fave character behind Fat Majin Buu

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Also a solid role-model/mentor/guardian of the younger generation (though early DBZ Piccolo did more or less abduct a kid and cut off his tail).

And DBZ Piccolo was the literal reincarnation/clone/childthing of King Piccolo who was the final antagonist of the original Dragonball saga.

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