X-Men: Grand Design 8 - In Cairo

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Can anyone tell me if Ed is taking license depicting Ororo with the mohawk, or was this another Marvel canon-by-retcon thing? I don’t have the issue being referenced but I know Storm got her mohawk after she assumed leadership over the Morlocks in the 80s, I never saw it before then.

I remember Ed referencing Tintin previously with the occasional panel in the HHFT, nice to see again and in the write-up.

I loved Tintin as a kid, but when I try to share it with a 4-year-old pal I am sick at the racist, sexist, colonialist violence of it all. Yeah, though, nice art.

I believe he’s taking some liberties to make the character more recognizable.


The early ones, yes. From today’s eyes,“Tintin in the Congo” is shockingly racist. But that changed, starting with “The Blue Lotus”, where Hergé takes a stance against xenophobia, and criticises the West’s and Japan’s colonial role in China. Having made the acquaintance of a Chinese student studying in Belgium, he paints a surprisingly realistic picture of China and Chinese culture, and references the Japanese Invasion of Manchuria. The Blue Lotos and all the later books may not be entirely free from occasional stereotypes, but in my view they argue for cross-cultural understanding and moral courage in the face of oppression.


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