The creator of a best-selling exercise game on being fat and loving her body



It’s a fun app with an engaging story. I used the separate “couch to 5K” app last year to train up for a 5K that I ran with my wife.

The app really almost made me want to run… and then they actually brought it to Windows Phone!
They stopped updating it though. I hope they make a new version for Windows 10 whatever it is (because it’s a universal app). Then you could jog with your laptop for a more complete end-of-the-world workout!

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Drat–another cool app I would get but for the lack of windows phone support. Yep, I sure hope this changes with Windows 10. (As much as I get annoyed by the lack of apps like these, there’s too much I like about the Windows 8.1 interface to give it up.)

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It isn’t going to change.

People write for iOS and then, maybe, Android. On a Windows phone? Good luck with that.

[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:52181”]
Alderman says she hopes her game will help more people discover what she learned about exercise: that it can be about pleasure, not punishment.
[/quote]Millions of surfers, snowboarders, mountain bikers, etc. would definitely vouch for that.

I get chills (in a good way) even just thinking about going out and getting outdoor exercise. However, the idea of running within some rat wheel at a gym doesn’t really do it for me, personally.

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Wait–it’s never going to change? Wow–who knew iOS and Android were the culmination of all phone development!

It certainly doesn’t look good for Windows Phone as you know. But, I think that’s a shame because consumers desperately need more mobile competition, in my opinion.

People write for iOS and then, maybe, Android.

Unless you’re Mozilla…

I’m still hopeful. Win 10 should help–at least maybe they’ll get some broader app development when it becomes semi-trivial to port from PC or XBOX to WP. And globally there’s some pockets of penetration.

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My employer agrees, which is why we made Firefox OS.

Windows? Meh.

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More like “Everyone thinks anything Microsoft makes is five years behind and a turd.”

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My employer agrees, which is why we made Firefox OS.

I’m excited about Firefox OS and love the idea of “all-HTML5” and getting away from traditional proprietary apps as we see in iOS, etc. However, do you think this 2013 review is still accurate today?

"… even if Mozilla’s vision of the Web as a “native” platform pans out, the nonprofit organization will still face an uphill battle. Mozilla’s engineers are hard at work bring Firefox OS up to parity with the iPhone circa 2007. But Apple and Google have not stood still since that time. They’ve added new features like voice commands, turn-by-turn navigation, and vast movie and e-book stores that could prove challenging for a relatively small and frugal non-profit to match. Mozilla will need to convince a lot of developers to build high-quality mobile Web apps to counter the huge libraries of proprietary apps in the Apple and Google app stores. "

Is Firefox OS going to be more about a movement that pushes HTML standards forward? (a noble, good thing in itself) or will it also become a popular mobile platform alternative? I’d love to see the latter, but I wonder how feasible that is by being so far behind iOS, Android and even Windows OS in many respects? Or has that changed?

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A year and a half old review of a product under month to month development. Not really.

The Macintosh will die in another few years and its really sad. …But Apple is just gliding down this slope and they’re loosing market share every year. Things start to spiral down once you get under a certain threshold. And when developers no longer write applications for your computer, that’s when it really starts to fall apart. -Steve Jobs, 1995

Silly, smug pronouncements about the future of technology and the consumer market. Meh.

I dunno. Since I spent a significant chunk of my life working at Microsoft, have worked in phones at a startup and currently work at a tech company making a mobile phone OS, I may have a somewhat informed opinion.

Frankly, very few people actively want a Windows phone. There are people fed up with iOS and Android, which is probably driving some Windows phone sales, but I don’t know anyone personally, outside of some current Microsoft friends, who loves Windows phone.

You can try this link here (because I think it is hidden from search). It’s $1.99 still:

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Zombies, Run! is / was available.
They decided to either stop support or whatever. The initial $7.99 or $9.99 price-point I think scared people off (I don’t recall if there was a trial, there is now). And yeah, the volume of buyers would be pretty low vs. iOS / Android. They released in 2012. A lot of the WP growth has been in countries that probably don’t match the core demographic and device requirements of this app.

You may find it here.

Maybe they’ll port it to Mozilla once that OS takes off!
We need more players in the OS world.

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Thanks! Definitely was hidden from search, but that link worked, and I just grabbed it for 2 bucks.

Well, I wish you guys luck with it either way. I hate the app ecosystems in both iOS and Android and really want to see web apps take a lead some day. It would be great to be able to much more seamlessly run mobile apps on a desktop/laptop computer as well.

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