Windows Phone 8.1 surprisingly great


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Microsoft’s belated entry in the smartphone wars,

Windows Mobile was M$ initial entry into the smartphone wars. And it had great promise, until they just stopped supporting it five years ago to completely develop Windows Phone. Windows Mobile was fully embraced by modding culture, and had quite a bit of


And here I am just dumping Windows Phone.

Nothing to do with the OS though, frustration with the hardware strategy and the bullshit with the carriers. Here’s our new flagship, no, it won’t be available in the US, unless you want a crappy version that’s only on Verizon. Here’s our phablet, no you can only have a crippled version and only on AT&T. Here’s our new tablet, you have to buy it from carriers and we won’t offer the nice versions. Same bullshit since the N9.

If MS/Nokia actually put their goddamn phones on sale anywhere they’d do a lot better.


This doesn’t always hold true (it didn’t for the iPhone IOS 7 for instance) but a tech support person once advised me “Never go with the even-numbered version of anything.”

Except Star Trek films.


Yup. I had a Windows Mobile phone long before the iPhone appeared. It was a better phone until the iPhone OS finally got Copy & Paste a couple versions later.

It was very easy to write software for, and very easy to distribute software for. It wasn’t locked down or tied to one company’s app store.

WP was never that bad. The problems where and are the same with this version. Lack of apps, especially apps that needed decent access to system resources, BING! (is useless outside the US) and fear of being left out of the windows ecosystem.

I have the Nokia 900 and an older HTC. Both abandoned by MS. I have a similarly old SE that still has a large and expanding software application base to choose from in the Google Market.

I might give WP another chance when I can dual boot.


Last week I dropped off a customer so he would not be late for his card playing date and went to buy cards for him and when I showed up with the cards he was still outside the nice lady’s apartment building with a dead "smart " phone unable to to her that he had arrived.

My LG 720 flip phone is surprisingly great because it can keep making phone calls for three days without recharging!

Love my Windows 8 phone. It’s already, for me, my favorite mobile platform–just feels more intuitive and the tiles fit the way a phone can be navigated better. Can not wait to put 8.1 on.

And then this one time, me leave Ugg alone to light fire, and me come back three-and-many moons later to find he had been trying to do fancy “rub sticks together,” but both sticks dead. Ugg also dead. Ha! In my day we just stare at stick fiercely until it burst into flame by shame.


I wish I could say the same about a windows 8 laptop.
Having descend from yeas of windows use, win 8 was not intuitive at all.

Do you also not own a TV? I bet you also don’t own a TV.

I’ll wait for Windows 9.

Windows Phone 8.1 is good

Touch screen helps. Other than that, it’s pretty much win 7 if you want it to be–once you deal with the start menu/tiles.

It is great on a tablet. It works very well on our surface pro. But, on my desktop, Win 8.1 is basically win 7 with a full screen start menu (which I’ve actually come to like–especially with live tiles) and a lot of Apps, most of which I don’t use as the desktop programs are typically better, faster, stronger. Once you get used to typing the first few letters of what you want to do, it actually is pretty nice, tough the dueling desktop/metro interfaces can be a bit annoying.

laptops till lately and cheap laptops don’t come with a touchscreen unfortunately. Apart from that, personally I am a fan of function rather than form. Hence a simple list instead a screen full of damn tiles works wonders for me. Especially in rather small 15’’ (damn 16:9) screens that space is limited, a simple list with a couple of rows works better than a few screens full of tiles.
then again everything is a matter of preference, I would like if at least they had allowed for that user preference.

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