The Curse of Bigness: Tim Wu channels Brandeis on Big Tech (and Big Everything Else)

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the crazy thing is voices of reason are treated by the right as extremism. You suggest that the economy is out of whack because normal people can barely afford rent and sink deep into debt for decades if they take out a student loan, and they act like you’re the next Stalin or Mao.


We really need a new “square deal” or new new deal. The idea that the government should put rules in place to keep the great majority from being exploited by giant corporations and the super wealthy should be seen as just the fair thing to do.


It’s funny, because I am probably on a similar wavelength, and yet, reading this, my immediate reaction is “oh here we go, another third-way PR exercise about how we can ‘get along’ with the capitalist boot on our necks”.

Problem is, the thousand-tentacled face-fucking squid of capitalism is so good at owning stuff that it coöpts every alternative position the moment it’s spoken aloud. At this point, if you are advocating anything less than the abolition of money, I just assume that your position is another rebranding of Thatcherism (or will be, if it starts to get traction).

Like, I’d be happy with a bit of moderate regulation and wealth redistribution. But capitalism itself seems unable to accept any regulation other than the guillotine.


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