The cursor of on this digital typewriter moves continuously while you write

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Sounds distracting.


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Kind of fun, actually…


I have no idea how this steady state typewriter could be used for anything. May as well use a word processor with the screen turned off. The result is completely illegible. Perhaps the developer thinks it may work on some sort of subconscious level, but toward what I do not know. The point of writing is to communicate, not simply to “let it out.” Leave that for the EST and cognitive sessions. If you can’t read what you’ve written, a week later, then, as Mel Brooks put it, you’re just jerking off.

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This just forces me to type slowly, which means I forget the ideas that are streaming through my head. So, epic fail!


Couldn’t work out how to look at the jumble I wrote. Can you somehow stretch it out afterwards?

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Yeah, I ran into the same issue. At the speed I type, the letters all pile on top of each other and the text is completely illegible. Not really useful for “stream of consciousness” style writing.


The cursor is cursed to roam the page forever.

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That was my second thought, after how distracting it would be.


Ya know, the Gboard app on my tablet already does this for me.


I’m missing something. Seems to require really slow typing, which I found annoying and distracting. And I’m a poor typist, reduced to 2 fingers on each hand. Perhaps it works at much faster speeds?

I’m intrigued by this “stream of consciousness” writing thing though. I think it’s something I started doing ~6 months ago. I became frustrated with losing thoughts in the decision-making for the “proper” place to put down a thought. Blog post? Twitter? What folder? Excel or Notion or, or…

Solved that problem by writing everything in to a Wordpad .RTF file named “cedric’s-stream-of-consciousness.rtf”. Including this reply, which I typed fully in that file first, then copy-pasta’d into the reply form here.

I even have a batch file that opens this file at login and re-opens it every hour; this brings it back to focus, reminding me to write into it. Which is a little annoying, but really helpful.

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