My new writing setup


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Nice painting, very pleasing to the eye.


I usually just prop a yellow legal pad up on a pile of these and write for four or five hours in the morning.



God forbid you develop some discipline.


I got lost in your painting


I was with Rob entirely until I realised that this was connected to the Internet.

I’m going to be the one to express concern early in the comments about the security/safety implications of running an out-of-date (and well out of security patching support) version of macOS.

This is especially so when one might already be a juicy target for direct attack…

…but also, when you’re describing this as a nice idea (and to be fair, it generally is), that will give others similar inspiration.


I have one such question. How do you type numbers?

Or was the Hindu-Arabic system just too distracting and you’re going old-school Roman style for numerals?


I was going to get a Planck but the length was way too short.


Clearly he has a reverse macro system where the computer scans for words like seventy-three and five-million-twenty-one-thousand-eight-hundred-and-twelve-fifty-fourths and compresses them.


Where is the bar?


Between the lovely painting, ye olde skool mac and the faptastic keyboard, I just had a nerdgasm


I have the same set of distraction issues. I won’t bore you with the details, but for me it came down to pen and paper. And it is agonizing that I have truly awful penmanship.


Reminds me of


The space is the two blank keys at the bottom ( some install a wee actual space bar covering both ), and there are extra function keys that act like shift keys to access numbers.

It’s fine, but I can’t quite do two things at once: learn new chording and a new layout.


I’m planning on making a 30% keyboard useful for one thing only: writing Cormac McCarthy novels.


Seems needlessly extravagant. Do you really need a C and a K?


Ah, those acrylic iMacs bring back some memories. Those were the last mac’s offered in matte, @beschizza is your screen matte or gloss?




I thought you did a funky paint job on your keyboard?


The keycaps are interchangeable! These are Ice Caps, from Signature Plastics/PMK