The Daily Show's Desi Lydic Foxsplains: "Why Did Putin Invade Ukraine?"

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Short answer: everything bad that happens ever, anywhere in the universe is the fault of “the radical left”, which includes anyone on the left, and probably a few people on the right who have fallen out of favor.


FN picking up where they never left off.


Also, if there isn’t currently anything bad happening, they’ll invent some bullshit to blame on “the radical left”. Constant rage at “them” is their guiding principal.


Rock on funny smart lady!


Desi has the crazy eyes look down pat, it’s mesmerizing…


The movie Kingsman and the Golden Circle nailed their game.

This entire situation does put the Reich wing in a dilemma. On one hand, people require a strong leader who is guided by religious charlatans to tell us what books we are allowed to read, who we are allowed to love, who must be obeyed without question and who must be resisted. Putin was the answer to all of those questions. Now that the entire world is suffering the results of Putin’s strong “leadership”, the crazies are struggling to rationalize their advocacy for authoritarianism.


I don’t think the “crazies” are struggling to rationalize anything…I think they are all still pro-Putin_as_a_strongman and anti-anything_but_Authoritarianism_they_call_democracy. No, the “crafty” [and vile] sell-outs that have visibility (looking at you Cucker Farlson) are switching sides [of their mouths] because A) Putin doesn’t look as all-powerful now as he did before, B) a large swath of their consumers-of-crap are old enough to never trust Russia, but were willing to give Putin a pass ‘for now’, and/or C) because they figured out a way to keep the outrage machine running by going after a common enemy…Brandon.

So the crazies can keep on thinking Putin is a great leader, right in so many ways in how he’s handled Russia’s “problems”…he just made a bad mistake trying to take Ukraine. After all, he never kicked THEIR dog.


This isn’t even satire, it’s just a summary of what Fox has been saying. Since it’s impossible to satirize the right, comedians really are left to synopsize. Even the “crazy” stuff is being said by someone - I mean, the Q-nuts literally believe the “elites” of “the left” (i.e. everyone in even minor disagreement with them about the nature of reality) drink human blood (or substances derived from human blood), so of course NATO is run by vampires.


An actual explanation on the background of the Ukraine invasion:

Which just makes NATO more alluring and sparkly in sunlight, right?


I overheard a group of conservative old cranks in a coffee shop in Canada the other day discussing the invasion. Their analysis was “well, the US does this sort of thing all the time and nobody says anything. Why all this fuss about The Ukraine [sic]”

I was riveted by that twisted bit of logic. They knew they were supposed to be supportive of Russia somehow but also knew this invasion was immoral, so they justified their feelings with a weird bit of whataboutism blame game? They’re not upset about the invasion, just that Putin got caught? So there’s a thread of libertarian “whatever you can get away with is moral” in there? It was hard to process. It felt like a lot of mental gymnastics to avoid the plain fact that it’s not okay to invade a sovereign nation because you feel like it.


Which isn’t even true anyway; the United States doesn’t regularly invade its neighbors in an attempt to force Canada or Mexico to submit to U.S. rule. And when the U.S. does invade countries like Iraq (which had an objectively worse and less democratic government than Ukraine) there are plenty of people who speak out against it.


For sure. And it’s maddening because there actually is a good point in there- it’s true, the US shouldn’t get away with that shit either! But then they willfully take the wrong lesson from that point. It’s good I wasn’t in the conversation. That level of nonsense reasoning shorts out my brain quickly and I have trouble keeping my cool.


I wonder how much the fact that the victims are stuck under autocracies, and way off on the Eurasian side of the globe, would make it seem different to people like the Russians. The one responsible for this is Putin, but I expect he has been encouraged by leaders like Bush skating for their own illegal wars…you know, in an envious kind of way. Or I guess better to say this seems like an escalation from it.

That said, anyone whose takeaway is that it’s unfair that Putin doesn’t get to kill thousands of civilians without consequences is being inhuman. The disgusting part is entirely that the Bush administration could.


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