Mindless MAGA victims echo Trump, insisting that Putin is a good guy (video)

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Over two decades of calling Pennsylvania home—navigating the aftermath of 9/11, the complexities of the Iraq conflict, the turmoil of the 2008 financial crisis, the pandemonium of Trump’s tenure, and the enduring challenges of the Covid saga—has repeatedly illuminated a profound reality. A considerable segment of the American right comprises a disarray of cynics and abrasive defeatists, starkly void of any vision or cause worthy of even the minimal effort.

They form a collective of dissenters, whose sole interest lies in the fleeting sensation of superiority gleaned from parroting sound bites sourced from the likes of Sean Hannity, rather than engaging in reasoned discourse.

Echoing the insights of esteemed authoritarianism scholar Bob Altemeyer, the only viable strategy is to outmaneuver them at the ballot box. Their convictions are beyond redemption.


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I’m just going to start reposting this comment on all these posts.


As much as we like to mock them over it, we have to understand that right-wing populists don’t define “elites” in terms of money or raw political power. For them, part-time adjunct professors, struggling artists, community activists, mid-level government bureaucrats, and journalists are members of the country’s elites. Meanwhile, the conservative multi-millionaires who regularly screw them over are “patriots”.


I take issue with describing them as victims. Being a Nazi is a choice. Nobody is tricking or forcing them into willful ignorance and bigotry. Being gullible doesn’t have to coincide with being evil.


It’s interesting that everytime you see someone spouting off about shite like this they’re clearly of the age to have grown up during the Cold War.

Yes, I get it, it’s not about logic. But, damn those some are some Olympic level mental gymnastics!?!

I think it was Jon Stewart recently, talking about Tucker Carlson, who wondered whether this was merely a tactic – this bait and switch – allowing the right to align against woke by aligning with strongmen and Russia…

Found it, it was Jon Stewart…starts at 11m50s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM2h3KnWAWY


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