MAGA mob agrees, tells Jordan Klepper that America needs a Nazi-style dictator (video)

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This shit is so depressing. How did people’s brains manage to break this badly? History isn’t rhyming, it’s just echoing now.


As they confirmed to Klepper, Trump would merely be a Mussolini-style dictator.

trump will make the grift run on-time.


and it’s happening now too.

What’s the sad, ironic version of “What a time to be alive”?


“So much to live for”


Fair point!


A professor in college had himself focused on his heritage, Italy, and when the topic of Mussolini came up in a comparative political systems class he said something along the lines of “Making the trains run on-time was a lie, as the trains did not actually run, let alone on-time, except as the military and government decided it should.” To the average person, the trains were unavailable much of the time, at least for travel or transportation of goods, so whether they ran on-time or not was irrelevant and unknowable, as during the war the trains did not have a published schedule and would often just rush through the stations with passengers waiting, trying to get soldiers, weapons, or critical manufacturing material where they were supposed to go. He (the teacher) was pretty bitter about it, and ranted considerably on the topic when an unfortunate student quoted the infamous line.


I mean, I don’t blame him and doubt he was actually “bitter” as much as he was pissed off about fascist lies… it’s a line regularly used to justify fascism and the violence that comes along with it, after all. Like when people focus on how “brilliant and efficient” the nazi economy and wehrmacht were… they’re just bullshit lies that need to be corrected each and every time some ignorant fuck utters them.

Even if it were true, it sure as shit does not justify fascism.


Sheeple in wolf’s clothing.


Not really; they’ve been indoctrinated for decades
before this jackass slithered on the scene, AM talk radio was aclually
listenable & a source for reasoned discussions.

As far as dictators are concerned,
thay are all for it, as long as it’s their dictator. Kinda like their view of theocracy.



Maybe I wasn’t as broadly politically aware back in the 80’s as I am now (arguably Limbaugh-esque assholes existed before him on TV and radio) but in my memory his show going national was a dividing line. After he came on the scene the lies and bullshit and excuses for conservative sins started appearing in everyday conversations, seeping into the zeitgeist like sewage from a leaky septic tank.

I watched one of my aunts slip into his orbit, once she got that little endorphin jolt from justifying her hatred for one thing she was wholeheartedly in favor of anything he said. When she passed away there were signed and framed photos of Rush in her house. I also noticed how truck drivers delivering to our warehouse would be listening to Limbaugh all day, and would rant and rave, repeating whatever they just heard like gospel truth. It was cult-like.

(I wish I could give credit for this clip below, but I have no idea where it originated.)


Dana Gould, maybe?


Why do these people all think that in the fascist hellscape, that they will be the privileged few who get all the perks and none of the violence? Most will be grist for the mill, like the rest of us. The Leopards Who Eat Faces don’t give a fuck about who voted for their party, they just wanna eat a lot of faces.


Lets take a moment and celebrate yet another day that asshole is dead.


True, that.
It was the death of anything resembling moderation on AM talk shows, as the owners saw which side the bread was buttered & spewed forth hordes of El Rushbo Wannabes.

The Esteemed & Honorable Lite Gov of Texas moved from Baltimore to Houston for a TV sports anchor gig. After that, lhe was involved with a sports bar, and also ventured into radio broadcasting as one of those Wannabes.

He was a bit of a Loon when he on TV & has only gotten worse over the years.

I was one of those truck drivers in that particular life; driving around town making deliveries & listening to AM talk radio.
Three weeks of his spewage was all I could stand.



I’ll drink to that!



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