The Dead Milkmen are releasing a 5e-compatible RPG: "Lost Tomb of the Bitchin' Chimera"

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If it don’t have Mojo Nixon, that game could use some fixin’.

Seriously though, this looks like a whole lot of goofy, yet meticulously planned fun!


I swear, if the ghosts of Charles Nelson Reilly and Bob Crane aren’t in this…


OMG I Iove this so much

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Ah an rpg module. Nice, you would, I presume have to fight of a bunch of big lizards on the way.

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I think CNR would be the deity, wouldn’t he?


A monstrous seabird is terrorizing the hamlet of Tiny Town.

I assume that bird is a right-wing pigeon from outer space sent here to destroy the human race

I hate when an opportunity for a joke overlapping two things I really like – the Dead Milkmen and D&D – eluded me all these years.

Got to see Joe Jack Talcum last year live at one of the brew pubs in town. Still sounding good after all these years. I’m going to have to find a DnD group to play with soon, too, I’m itching for a game, and maybe I can slide this module into the pile.


That’s weird, I was just yesterday thinking about Bitchin’ Camaro for some reason.

Will the Thing that only eats Hippies be in there somewhere?

Shrimp, plate of shrimp

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out in the woods, up to no good, i wanna make friends with the badgers!

[EDIT]: somehow, i never expected the Milkmen to be into D&D. seems more like something they would make fun of, like, you know, every great early-to-mid-80s electronic music band.

Here there be Big Lizards

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