The Department of Labor's Wells Fargo whistleblower site has disappeared


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I misread the headline and thought the whistleblower was missing. :scream:


That’s an interesting point: he can and should (but hasn’t) divest himself of his assets to avoid conflicts of interest, but how can he divest himself of liabilities? What have other presidents done?


Give him time…

I’m not exactly sure how, and there probably isn’t any recent precedent. If a President was ever saddled with monstrous debt to a bank this corrupt it was in the 19th century, when the banking regulations were virtually non-existent.

The only real way I could see would be to transfer the liability to another bank that isn’t under investigation before it’s put into a blind trust with the assets, but what reputable bank is going to take on an unreliable debtor like him? There’s a good reason why troubled banks like Wells Fargo and Deutsche Bank and shady foreign banks (like those run by Vlad’s pals) have been the only ones willing lend him money in recent years.


That hotline closes Thursday.


He had enough time before the inauguration. He lied, evaded, fan danced with irrelevancies, and started bloviating about ISIS and immigrants to change the subject - standard Drumpenfuhrer bullshit. IMPEACH THE TRAITOR IN CHIEF NOW!


I meant give him time to eliminate the whistleblower himself. Fascist thugs need more than a week of power before they start knocking off their cronies’ enemies.


If you owe the bank thousands of dollars, the bank owns you. If you owe the bank millions of dollars, you own the bank.


How exactly do you point out to a Trump supporter that his or her fear of a corrupt Hillary Clinton Presidency pales in comparison to the life-long corruption of Donald Trump?

After his speech at the CIA last week I wouldn’t be surprised if someone within the intelligence community breaks protocol and provides something really damning to wikileaks, simply because Trump is such an obvious threat to the stability of the US and the world.


You don’t, any more than you point out to the victim of a Ponzi scheme that he’s being robbed or tell a member of the Cult of $cientology that he’s being gulled. A confidence man’s marks are invested in his tale, often to the point that they happily deny reality and readily ignore any hard evidence presented to them. They’re more prone to double down in angry reaction to someone who points out these things.


If they believe in their oath to protect the country, they should.


Carter sold his farm. Probably the closest comparison.




Duh, Carter. Fixed.

That said, President Carson sounds a lot better now than it did during the Primaries, given what we ended up with…


Well is IS draining the swamp right?


When you sell off assets, you use the proceeds to pay debts. Trump probably has more debts than assets he can sell - even by his own claims, a lot of his net worth comes from things like his name, or his very good really extraordinary brain.


Not if the bank is worth trillions of dollars.


Trump is draining the swamp. Directly into the White House.