The design story of NASA's "worm" logo, sadly retired


This is the logo that I am accustomed to seeing around Los Angeles.


Sue them on what basis? It’s not even the same logo.


Okay, not human nature,atbe, just a lack of ambition to overcome the old parameters… it’s human nature to live on the ground, it’s human nature to imagine traveling through space, it’s behavior above and beyond ‘nature’ that actually gets humans up there.

A truly ambitious organization might have replaced the worm with a third, yet to be invented logo. Going back to the meatball after 20 years of the worm, symbolizes an organization that wants to move backwards.


Thanks. That’s fun.


Yes! That’s the answer. I prefer the meatball too. But the worm is… also nostalgic.


Why not split the difference and put the worm lettering in the meatball, then, so 60s NASA fans and 80s NASA fans can both like it?


Yeah…I like the worm.


I like that arrow in the Union Jack. Reminds me of the FedEx logo.


I have a baseball cap with an embroidered worm logo mounted in “VSVN” position.

Because in space, no one can tell if you’re upside down. (-:


Honestly, if you’d told me that this was the logo they’d been using for the past 23 years, I’d have believed you.



Actually I meant this one:


I prefer the 50s meatball. It lacks the hedonism of the 70s.


legoland space?



UK Space Agency wins. Hands-down. NASA got us to the moon, but the Brits have the better logo.

I don’t like The Worm. Well, I do, but that’s because I was a kid when I went to the US Space and Rocket Center in Alabama and my father bought me The Cartoon Guide to Physics there. It may have started earlier, but I’ve definitely been a nerd ever since. So I like The Worm because of nostalgia, but I think we can do a lot better. The Meatball is okay, but really neither design is great. NASA needs a logo for the 21st century, and 21st century activities.


I feel like you just threw up in some single-malt scotch.

Okay, that just happened…

I’m going to lay down.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t add in my two cents: