The development team behind Street Fighter 6 gives a behind-the-scenes look at the franchise's most experimental game mode

Originally published at: The development team behind Street Fighter 6 gives a behind-the-scenes look at the franchise's most experimental game mode | Boing Boing


I talked to my friend “in the business” about this World Tour mode because I wasn’t fully sold on it, but he explained to me that this is the perfect next step for the series. The fighting game community is pretty niche, and even if newcomers and casuals pick up a new game, they’re not necessarily going to stick with it (or be interested in dlc or sequels) if the main experience of the game is one where they go online and get their asses handed to them. Fighting games are a power fantasy, and nothing is worse for that than having it beaten into you that you don’t have power.

A rich single-player experience is the way to go. Mortal Kombat has been rocking that for years. Now Street Fighter is inviting people into its world, and what they’re putting into sounds great. Continual training for its convoluted movements for special moves? Nice. Getting to know characters better so that you have a deeper connection to them? Excellent. Easter eggs about the history of Street Fighter and its sister series Final Fight? This is great if it convinces people to further explore Capcom’s catalog.

I almost feel bad about quickly dismissing the demo. Sounds like they’re putting a lot into it. It’s not enough to convince me of a day one sale, but maybe it’s something worth picking up on discount rather than just stepping back altogether.


This looks neat. The Build-A-Street-Fighter feature is a nice idea; though, it could be a portal for microtransactions.

Ugh… I didn’t even think about that. I just figured they’d go the normal route of paid DLC for additional fighters and costumes. Doesn’t preclude them from monetizing aspects of the single-player mode as well…

The video is on a Red Bull YouTube channel, and I see both energy drinks to restore vitality and a fight against level 30 refrigerators by a level 37 character. I also see a shop with cosmetic changes for charcters in that video immediately before they show a character with some Felicia-sized cat paws and ears. The line about World Tour opening up to other worlds could just be about other franchises they own, or maybe they’re considering DLC crossovers with other companies. How much has Sony invested this time?

I’m a little optimistic about the video showing off the same character using different fighting styles. Looks like you level up the style, if not also specific aspects of it. Not being locked in is a good choice, but we’ll see how well the custom models work with that. Dhalsim’s existence might mean its not a stretch of the imagination if the limbs don’t match a move entirely, but if the hit and hurt boxes look off people will complain.

ETA: Turns out, Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 3 had World Tour on consoles, with level-ups for character and -ISM, earning extras for each -ISM, but without all the walking around.

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