The difficulty in quantifying political views

Continuing the discussion from American cities, ranked by conservatism:

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The problem I had was that for 8 of the 14 questions there was no way to shoehorn my political views into any of the answers. If it was one or two questions i would pick what i thought was the least worst option, but there is no way I would get an accurate result doing that for half of the answers.

I gave up and tried the political compass quiz, which is still far from perfect (notably, the top of the social (y) axis says authoritarian when it really should say statist. Also there are still a few questions that assume that the only choices are statism or free market economics.)

My results

I expect that GCHQ and the NSA will have noticed that.

I’m looking at the two axis system used in both the quizzes mentioned and seeing flaws in it.

Religion is often associated with the right but assuming this ignores some left leaning religious groups like the Diggers or the Christian Anarchists. Ayn Rand was an athiest and no-one denies that she was right wing.

Collectivism/Individualism is another potential axis. Individualism is often claimed to be right wing and collectivism left wing, yet there are individualist anticaptalists and collectivist capitalists.

I have four axes here and things are getting a bit too complex, so I will stop. I think that covers most of the possibilities in the west anyway.

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Be careful, or you’ll end up reinventing the NEO Personality Inventory as applied to politics :smiley:

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