Take the test to see which political quadrant you inhabit


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Students substitute gun control protest for active shooter drill

I don’t know about the test, but that web design is Chaotic Evil.


The basic concept of compass as opposed to spectrum is sound (I’d take it a step further and wrap it around a sphere to show the nasty common spot all of the corners end up in). For the record, I always end up in the left-libertarian quadrant.

Keep in mind, though, that the test was deliberately designed to place most reasonable people who take it into one of the libertarian quadrants (because Libertarians think they’ll “blow your mind” with stuff like this). And really, check out the placement of Hillary Clinton in that graph – it makes no sense.


No surprises there.



Nearly the same - slightly more left, slightly less “libertarian” than you (though that term has been sullied by the Ayn Rand fanboys, so I don’t like it).


Woo! Left libertarians in the house say “Property is theft”! :smiley:


I landed almost exactly where they had Ghandi. Not sure what that says about me.


I don’t think I need a Surveymonkey to tell me where I stand.


Like I didn’t know.



Mine was about there, but a tick further left…


I think most of us who read BB are some where in the green.


Graphics-wise, these types of 4-panel deals (matrix) are used in science/technology to help assess risk in processes; categories include range of seriousness of harm and range of likelihood of occurrence.


I was thinking the same…most BBS folks (90%?) will end up in the green or REALLY close to it. The rest will primarily be in the purple I suspect, maybe a couple red. And no blue.


Left libertarian seems to be a trend here. I guess I’m in good company.



This probably wasn’t made by libertarians, left or right. Some people have pointed towards it being funded by Glenys Kinnock, former MEP and wife of former Labour party leader Neil Kinnock. That would put it a little bit to the right of Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn, but still left wing.

In the context of Old Labour vs Third Way, Hillary’s general position in the blue quarter makes more sense even if you don’t agree with the actual co-ordinates.


So is the fact that we’re all showing up with the same result (left libertarian) from this test an indicator that the test is flawed, that we’re stuck in a boingboing filter bubble, both or something else?

Do people who support non Bernie candidates (probably folks who voted for Hillary are here, unlikely that Trump supporters are here? I honestly don’t know) showing up with right authoritarian results? Trying to figure out if the test is broken or not.


I preferred this one:


Here’s mine. I’m much more conservative than most of the readers here. I’m in the red, but pretty close to the center of the grid. I consider myself a centrist/moderate, so I think that’s fitting.

I’m not a Trump supporter, per se, but I don’t find him any worse than I find Hillary, if that matters. I think all politicians are crap.



i happily join with the other “left libertarians” in whose mighty company i feel no shame.