This political sorting hat will assign you a nice flag


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Take the test to see which political quadrant you inhabit

Get some coffee and a snack, they’re 117 questions to plod through.


I guess I don’t like people as much as Rob does.
If nothing else, my flag is quite colorful.

This is telling:

^This is why I don’t have political representation in the country I live in. Yes, that would be the US. How did you know?


The spelling in that test was appalling. And some questions really were ambiguous/open to interpretation and ended up getting neutral answers. Still, the results that didn’t end up with a high %ge of white space in the middle did broadly reflect what I think I believe.


Often these types of things reveal more about the tester than the tested. :slight_smile: But these bits are probably true, and I like the flag.


Or a shorter link

And I’m curious how much Trump’s results look somewhat like a famous German flag from the 1930s and 1940s that I’m Godwin-ing the thread by bringing up

Binaryhermit: Proving Godwin’s law since 1985


Yeah, the phrasing was far too unclear and inevitably there are qualifications in an individual’s perspective that cannot be expressed in these types of surveys/quizzes.

And WTF does strictly delimited filing systems have to do with anything? Is there some political debate I’m not aware of here? I could see how it could have political implications, but is there a real-world scenario where this has come up as a matter of debate?


That’s the one that threw me, too. I think of filing systems and databases as just polymorphisms of information index structure, so the question made no sense. I passed on that one.



Some of those questions are hard little pills to swallow. I just don’t have the backbone to stop eating meat.




Here’s mine:


…which I think is funny partly because I might be the most vocally anti-specist person here, typically complaining that “humanity” is not really A Thing.

A few differences I had with the nature of the questions:

The questions assume that your are a citizen of a multi-parti political system and a market economy.

Those… are rather encompassing and troubling assumptions to start from. Also, many questions were about “regulation”, with the implication that regulatory processes are something hierarchically imposed, which presents a false dichotomy I often encounter here: imposed regulation versus no regulation - as opposed to the better option of true self/emergent regulation in a non-competitively structured society.


Good! If all humans were vegetarian the already horrific global environmental holocaust would be far worse, and unstoppable. All large mammals other than humans would go extinct.




I’m guessing my flag is white because I either surrender or it’s that stupid flash software.




I think the question is supposed to be about linking government databases.


Some of these questions are kind of shit.

Like what the hell is this supposed to mean:

I am equally concerned about the inhabitants of my country and those of other the countries.


I think it’s supposed to be something like “I am equally concerned about my countrymen and foreigners.” Looks to me like the quiz was machine translated from French and then given a cursory once-over by a non-native English speaker.


Too many questions I had marked as “neutral” because my answer would be “it depends on context”

Justice · Equality · Socialism


Makes sense. I found some of the questions to be phrased very oddly or confusingly. So much so that I am not entirely sure if my answers actually match how I feel about certain issues.