Trump is apparently still terrified about financial conflicts so now he's tweeting about flag-burning and CNN


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tweeting about vote fraud after winning?

I’m out of evens to can’t.


I remember like 2 years ago I said I’d be OK with Trump winning only if they followed him around with a camera 24/7. I guess as long as he as Twitter, we are getting the highlights of that.


By “strict constitutionalist”, he might mean the Bundy Short Form Constitution.


Sore losers I can understand, but a sore winner?


I have a hard time believing he’s smart enough to play the media like that. But I have an equally hard time believing he’s too stupid to not notice that the media can be played like that. So here I am in the middle just wishing this wasn’t actually happening.


There is nothing too stupid and craven that the media won’t stoop to accommodate and present its neck.


The truth is always in the middle - Trump is a moron who nearly instinctively has manipulated the media by being a moron. Sort of like Chumlee.


Why would he care about financial conflicts of interest? Who is going to prosecute him? All 3 branches of government are soon to be controlled by Republicans. The President will soon be (officially) above the law.


He’s angry that it’s even being brought up.

He’s certainly not afraid of consequences, his life is evidence of that.


That’s more likely, yes.


Don’t worry! We have 4 more years of Hillary email “scandals” to keep the media busy while he does what he wishes.

I feel like he’d be the sort of President to hold a corpse synod at the White House Correspondents Dinner.


If he really wants to rile up a subsection of his base, shouldn’t he tweet about people burning the Nazi flag?


Maybe the dogwhistles have gotten more sophisticated than we can spot!


What’s particularly insane about his attacks is the line of dialogue every American saw play out in the press, which is now curling in on itself, Trump eating his own tail:
Trump: “There’s going to be massive voter fraud! This election is going to be rigged! I have evidence!”
[he wins, despite losing, somehow]
Press: "We indeed have evidence of massive voter fraud, and we need to investigate."
Trump: "Not true! Outrageous! How dare you investigate! I already won, and besides, I have evidence of millions of illegal votes!"
Press: "Um. Shouldn’t we… investigate that?"
Trump: “WAIT NO!”


If only the press had the guts to carry it to its logical extent.

But no, the press generally takes him at his word.


Disillusioned that I had hoped that the Reblucians would do anything: Democrats on Monday made their strongest call to date for a congressional investigation into President-elect Donald Trump’s business entanglements and possible conflicts of interest, asking the GOP’s top House investigator to launch a formal probe.

As of yet no response from the committee.


He’s a talented grifter and the corporate media outlets are particularly willing marks. In a situation like that “smart” isn’t a big factor.


Why on earth would they investigate their own?

Why assume any measure of decency?


I’m not a big Twitter user, but I decided to go and look at Trump’s page and it is so ridiculous this man is going to lead our country. It really scares me the total lack of diplomacy he shows, his obsession with the election results when he already won, and the thoughtless and crude language that he uses. It’s frightening that there is no one on his team who can shut down his direct access to Twitter and take it over with a polished, professional stream from a press agent.

I’ve been obsessed with Trump ever since he won, and I’ve noticed that my left leaning friends are really talking about him, but it’s kind of crickets from the right lately. I went onto Fox and Drudge Report and was surprised how few stories they are running about Trump right now, and that Fox doesn’t have comments enabled for the stories they are running. It’s hard to get a read on what the Right is feeling right now.